Welcome to the Pack Leader home page everyone. We would like to take a few minutes to explain to you guys what Pack Leader means.

So the idea that Kelliegh (Kelli) and I had behind it is to honor people in the industry. Now with that being said there are a lot of people to that we feel should be honored. So many people that are in this industry that deserve some type of honor/recognition that it would be impossible for us to create enough different flavors for them. So with this being said to all the people who are actually reading this and we didn’t do a flavor for you, we do respect/love/honor you we just didn’t get a chance to or hasn’t been released yet…..patience grasshopper……patience.

Flavors in the order they are released and the Owners and reason why…
1. Micah – Vanilla Peppermint – Will Coburn
Will as you and most of the people in the industry know we love you. We call you Dad for many reasons. You have helped us in so many ways we can’t figure out a way to thank you enough so we did Micah. You gave us Vulcan who was Micah’s son, you walked Kelliegh down the isle for me,and many more. So with the mushy stuff aside we love you. Love Nick and Kelliegh.