Neko is Casey & Nick’s rescue pup who hails from Tijuana, MX. She is a Mini Schnauzer/Border Collie mix with energy for days. Casey rescued Neko back in 2013 when Neko was 8 months old from the Baja Dog Rescue, and she has been her BFF ever since. Neko was a street dog in Tijuana before she came to the rescue. She was adopted by two families that weren’t her forever people, and the moment Casey laid eyes on her it was clear she had found her forever home. Once Nick came into her life, she chose him as her favorite human. You can regularly find her sitting guard next to him in his office and putting a reassuring paw up on his leg to show her love (or demand his attention…). Not only does she love all things food and countersurfing, but she also loves chasing squirrels, destroying any and all fluffy or stuffed toys, and of course, snuggling Casey & Nick 24/7.